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Hello yes I am a person who is too lazy to make my blog look less shitty. Why are you looking at this anyway? Your dash is much more interesting.
Anywho, I'm Olive or Jenn, either one, and I'm some sort of aromantic homo-ace. I dunno. Also I've been through some shit and and more than happy to spew life experience at you.

There is boobie te Isherwood a boob anon


If either of my lovely anons was serious, you should message me off anon

Anons pls

I haven’t been this drunk in a looooooooong time

Anonymous said: would u ever post "noodles"

I’m on mobile but if I remember I’ll post spaghetti tomorrow


so uh now that i hit 100 followers, i was thinking of changing up my description. but i suck at writing about myself, i’ll leave it to you to send me what i could use through my ask box!

i would preciate muchly if you’d help me out!

Anonymous said: wat ur bra size?

32 DD


Peach schnapps

U should send me asks bcuz alcohol =honesty

Bcuz fak u

Tho I can’t feel mah face